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To Google or not to Google | The Sci-Fi Daddy

So last night while laying in bed with the EPW (extremely pregnant wife), after she again told me to stay away from her treasure chest.  We were watching tv to fall asleep and to delete things from the DVR.  So there we were watching reruns of Gilmore Girls from ABC Family when a commercial came on for Hocus Pocus.

I know, I love that movie too!

Well I know two of the witches off the top of my head.  Who wouldn’t know Bette Midler or Sarah Jessica Parker?  I, however, did not know the name of the third and I asked the EPW who instantly responded “Kathy Najimy”.

So I called her my human Google machine.

This isn’t out of the ordinary for me to call her things such as this since she is the most kick ass player of Trivial Pursuit I have ever met.  But I was in a goofy mood  I started relating Google to sexual innuendo.

“Can I enter a search into your Google Engine”

“I swear I will use a filter with Advanced Search Options”

“Google…One stick and a hundred O’s”  That one reminded me of Gene Simmons and Tommy Lee for some reason.

“Clitoris? G spot?  Is there a Google Map for that?”

Various jokes about Google Images, some relating to the Kama Sutra and then it went too far with all of the “There’s an app for that” which I know is an Apple thing but being a Google Android guy I thought it worked.

If you have some great Google related innuendo to share, please do so in the Comments below.

One Response to “To Google or not to Google”

  • Amy:

    I thought this was so funny! I miss you brother. Good job at starting a blog! I am trying to come up with some google innuendos. All I’ve got so far is something about oogle your google. Not great, I’ll work on it.

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