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Ender’s Game….Pornographic? | The Sci-Fi Daddy

So my wife is perusing the Facebook when she comes across someone posting this article. I am a huge fan of Orson Scott Card’s work and have had to buy a second copy of Ender’s Game because I read the first one so many times. I actually had to do the same with Ender’s Shadow as well and these are the only two books I have had to do that with. I have actually offered this book to my 13 year old son on many occasions (ages 11 to present) to read and it was even on his middle school’s list of books for Battle of the Books. I find it to be a book that translates well to those of preteen to adult ages. Which is also weird because it is a book that starts off with a protagonist that is only 6 years old. Yes Ender does commit two acts of extreme violence that end in another child’s death in the book but his moral anguish over this fact overshadows many parts of the book. I can recall one passage that might be construed as pornographic in the loosest, reaching use of the term but it is nothing that all kids of this age would not already know about. If you for one second think that your preteen or early teenager is not being subjected to at least one form of pornographic speech in the hallways in their school than you are clearly delusional. This kid who complained is 14 and then the mother complained. This book has been on young reader reading lists for 20+ years and now this woman and her unimaginative child wish to deprive children the right to read this book and also is endangering a teachers career over it.

One thing the mother should look into is the background of the author. Orson Scott Card is a devout Mormon who sometimes uses religion in his books and always puts in moral dilemmas and other forms of choices that can point to a religious code of ethics. The depth of the dilemmas and the way he portrays the characters dealing with them have always been a part of why I read his books.

Well it is time to go to work and I just really had to talk about this because it disturbs me so. I can understand if this was for much younger readers but the age group in question makes this laughable and the fact that it happened in MY state is further proof of how profound the brain drain is in Wisconsin. Most of the smart ones leave. Which leaves the rest of us smart ones to deal with the idiots.

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