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Now that we have 4 kids in our house, things are pretty chaotic….all the time. We are looking forward to Summer getting here soon and the kids being out of school. Although the regular school year will be over, the 3 oldest will be off to Summer school for a few weeks. This will be the little dude’s first year in Summer school and we think it will be the last for the 2 oldest and have been considering different Summer Camp Programs for next year. We have been looking at a variety of options that are available to us. For the oldest, I think he may enjoy a sleep away type of camp but as for the girl, I think she will need to do just a day camp.

My wife attended a non-tradtional Summer camp program as a teen and worked for the Wisconsin DNR at a Youth Conservation Camp and says that the month she was there was one of the best experiences she had as a kid and that is something we both want for our kids as well.

At least we have plenty of time to plan for next Summer and I’m sure we will continue to do so but right now we are preparing for the craziness that will be a Summer filled with swimming, soccer and tball!

Do your children attend a Summer Camp Program?

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